Event Security

Physical Security Measures

From threat and risk assessment - to design and build - to operations and support. 

Information Security Measures

Protecting your ICT infrastructure and data from unauthorised access, theft or corruption.

Surveillance Measures

We provide rapidly deploy-able fixed and mobile video surveillance capabilities, coupled with intelligent video analytics to provide event security personnel with real-time visual situational awareness and forensic analysis.

Temporary Flooring

It doesn’t matter if you are staging a Coldplay concert at a premiership football ground, hosting a wedding at a stately home, or organising the village fete, many problems can be solved using temporary flooring. We partner with experts who’ve worked on some of the most high-profile events in the world, including the 2012 London Olympics - to help advise you. 

Field Force Management

We provide technology and processes to manage on-site personnel -including operations rooms, geo-location of personnel and secure communications - to ensure effective management of all resources in real-time.

Super Recognisers

We can provide overt or covert deployment of super recognisers who have the ability to detect hundreds of persons-of-interest in a crowd as part of your overall security strategy and even identify and train your own people to realise their abilities as super recognisers - creating your own surveillance X-Men!