Services that help our customers transform their business

Strategy and Business Re-alignment

 We help you create or refine your company strategy, markets, your portfolio, partners and value proposition and consequently your go-to-market approach. After all our team have been doing this for fortune 500 companies for years. Building business, building brand, building value. 

Business Development and Sales

We can provide subject matter expertise on a part-time or full-time consultancy basis, or even on long term secondment taking on senior roles to transform your business according

In addition we can provide feet-on-ground pre-sales subject matter expertise to supplement your existing sales team and even manage customer engagements, sales funnel from concept to closure.

Project Management

We have a wealth of experience in project and program management, creating realisable programs, recruiting and leading diverse teams across a wide range of disciplines.

We are particularly adept at rescuing problem projects, re-aligning stakeholder expectations, requirements, solution and getting the project back on track.

Tender Creation & Management

We work closely with you to recommend, guide and capture your requirements to take to the market as tenders for companies to respond to.

In addition we can manage the process of receipt, consolidation, validation, analyses and ultimately selection of the most compliant and cost-effective responses on your behalf ensuring all stakeholders are suitably informed at each stage and within the necessary local commercial and legal frameworks.

Tender Response & Management

We have a wealth of experience in managing the creation of winning responses to complex large scale ICT tenders on behalf of our customers. 

We can provide subject matter expertise across all disciplines and overall bid management to ensure the delivery of the highest quality and compliant technical and commercial offers. 

Review, Compliance & QA/QC

We can provide unbiased technical and commercial reviews of your project at any stage to ensure that all aspects have been addressed according to industry best practice, customer expectations and your company standards. We can help you at every stage of the Qulaity Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) process .

Design and Build

With over 30 years experience in ICT design and build our team is best placed to implement your transformation plans in the most cost effective and timely manner. 

We can provide bespoke or turnkey solutions or simply manage your project to ensure its effective implementation.