Telecommunications Operators

Monitize your existing infrastructure, connectivity and customer reach.

We can help you develop and deploy a range of smart city services for enterprise or government, B2B and B2C customers using your existing infrastructure. We can assist with building strategy, go-to-market and value propositions, pricing and revenue models and projections as well as providing hosting , operational and support functions. 


Video Analytics aaS

Provide subscription based real-time video analytics for customer-owned CCTV surveillance systems to enhance and automate their security capabilities without capital investment.

Secure Mobile Comms aaS

Provide subscription based secure voice, video, video-conference and data communications to your customers using standard mobile phones and devices on commercial telecommunications networks.

Video Sharing aaS

Subscription based service providing businesses with a secure and controlled means of uploading video footage to public safety agencies in support of government legislative urban surveillance directives in the most  cost-effective manner.